another day of “dont know what the fuck i’m gonna do”

i’m not even like, popular enough to beg for money. i’d be lucky to get like $50 total from maybe 1 or 2 people if the stars of a distant galaxy align.

so i guess i’ll just get fucked whenever my bills come up




pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything



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sfw-rawrcharlierawr asked: why not learn about anime titty

if you dumb asses had voted for ron paul, anime could be real right now

absolutely disgusting

like unless i have a millionaire following me who would be willing to send me to school for free that’s out of the quesiton

and if i get a fucking ask or reply like “well why not learn” great idea genius. except i don’t exactly have another year of borrowed fucking time or whatever to try and learn this sort of shit. let alone go back to school and get a degree (which i have zero interest in, let alone the money to pay for)


accies asked: Instead of just applying for video game jobs what about graphic design, marketing and programmer jobs?

because i can’t do any of those things, or i would have already done that, you dumbo



too good

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